Positive Northampton news made by positive Northampton people.

Laura Graham - Founder of The Happy Hood

The Happy `Hood is a community zine that celebrates good news in Northampton. It is released quarterly and created by an army of volunteer artists, writers and designers. The Happy `Hood is a place where fantastic independent businesses, charities, community groups and individuals are celebrated for their contribution to our town. 


The Happy Hood

The Happy `Hood was originally designed to fight back against the negative narrative that dominated the story of Northampton. Since its launch, it has been the catalyst for a movement of positivity that has seen creative collaborations, events and general happy-making across the town. 


Laura Graham - Founder

Laura has lived in Northampton on and off for 15 years. She keeps coming back because Northampton has something truly unique. A freelance writer and community activist, Laura has fingers in lots of pies across the town and wouldn't have it any other way. She knows that when people feel proud of where they live, they feel safer, happier and connected, which is why she is on a mission to show people how great their hometown really is.


The Community

Over 50 generous souls have contributed their time and talents to the project, making The Happy `Hood so special. It is illustrated front to back by amazing artists and written by people who care about showcasing the best that Northampton has to offer. The Happy `Hood gives local people a platform to be seen and heard.


Happy Hood Events

We hold zine launches, and regularly attend community events (you can find these in the zine) but here’s a list of upcoming events.


Positive Northampton news made by positive Northampton people.

— Laura Graham

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We are a part grant-funded, part volunteer-led community zine and are always keen to hear from potential contributors. If you have an idea for an article, have artwork to contribute or just want to reach out, click the button below to start the conversation.